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The Yarpiz Project

Yarpiz is aimed to be a resource of academic and professional scientific source codes and tutorials, specially targeting the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Engineering Optimization, Operational Research, and Control Engineering.  Source codes provided in Yarpiz, are all free to use for research and academic purposes, and free to share and modify, as well. Projects are implemented in several programming languages, such as MATLAB, C#, Java, C++, Python and Visual Basic.

What is the meaning of word Yarpiz?

Yarpiz [pronounced /jɑrpəz/] (or alternatively Yarpuz and Yarpız) is an Azeri Turkish word, meaning Pennyroyal or Mentha Pulegium plant. Mostly it is used to make tea (hot drink), which is very good for treating colds and influenza. You can read more about Yarpiz here. As you can see, the picture of Yarpiz plant follows.


The Yarpiz or Pennyroyal plant

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