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Root Finding in MATLAB — Video Tutorial

Numerical Computations in MATLAB: Root Finding

In this video tutorial, “Root Finding Methods” has been reviewed and implemented using MATLAB. For watching full course of Numerical Computations, visit this page. Watch Online Four sections of this video tutorial are available on YouTube and they are embedded into this page as playlist. Video Files Section 1: Finding roots of polynomials using roots (ِYouTube) Section 2: Finding roots ...

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Least Squares in Python, JavaScript and MATLAB — Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial firstly the mathematical foundations of a special case of Least Squares method has been reviewed and then, using three programming languages, MATLAB, Python and JavaScript (using mathjs), the method has been implemented, from scratch. The video tutorial is available to watch online, via Yarpiz YouTube Channel. The instructor of this course is Dr. Mostapha Kalami Heris, ...

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How to Solve Difference Equations? — Video Tutorial

Difference Equations , aka. Recurrence Relations, are very similar to differential equations, but unlikely, they are defined in discrete domains (e.g. discrete time or space). In this video tutorial, the general form of linear difference equations and recurrence relations is discussed and solution approach, using eigenfunctions and eigenvalues is represented. Some examples, including Fibonacci Series, are investigated in the video ...

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Runge-Kutta Method in Python and MATLAB — Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial, the theory of Runge-Kutta Method (RK4) for numerical solution of ordinary differential equations (ODEs), is discussed and then implemented using MATLAB and Python from scratch. As an example, the well-know Lotka-Volterra model (aka. the Predator-Prey model) is numerically simulated and solved using Runge-Kutta 4th order (RK4), in both languages, Python and MATLAB. After completing this tutorial, ...

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Linear Programming in MATLAB — Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial, the general structure of a Linear Programming (LP) model is reviewed and the general matrix form of LP problems, used by MATLAB, discussed. Then, using linprog function of MATLAB, which is used to deal with linear programming problems, some examples are solved. One of the well-known problems formulated as LP model is the Transportation Problem, which ...

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Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) in MATLAB — Video Tutorial

Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) in MATLAB -- Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial, implementation of Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) in MATLAB is discussed in detail. In the first part, theoretical foundations of PSO is briefly reviewed. In the next two parts of this video tutorial, PSO is implemented line-by-line and from scratch, and every line of code is described in detail. After watching this video tutorial, you will be ...

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