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Tabu Search (TS) in MATLAB

Tabu Search (TS) is a local search-based metaheuristic, which is proposed by Fred W. Glover, in 1986. Tabu Search is completely based on the definition of neighborhood and actions converting a solution to its neighboring solutions. This algorithms starts with a single solution, and searches for better solutions, applying actions and moving between neighbor solutions. However, acceptance, applicability and availability of actions, are managed using a set of rules. One of most important rules used in Tabu Search, is that: when action is performed, it will be not available, until a certain amount of other actions performed. For more information on the Tabu Search (TS), you can refer to the related article on Wikipedia, located here.

In this post, we are going to share with you, the open-source structured implementation of Tabu Search (TS) algorithm in MATLAB. The provided source codes, are implementing Tabu Search for combinatorial optimization problems. The source codes, contain solution of two well-known problems using Tabu Search:

If you are familiar with MATLAB programming language, you will be find it easy, to use the provided source codes, in your research and projects. For example, final solution of a n-Queens puzzle (for n = 50) follows.

Final result of n-Queens Problem (for n = 50), returned by Tabu Search

Final result of n-Queens Problem (for n = 50), returned by Tabu Search


The download link of this project follows.

Implementation of Tabu Search for Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) and n-Queens Problem


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