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YPEA: Yarpiz Evolutionary Algorithms

YPEA for MATLAB [+] is a general-purpose toolbox to define and solve optimization problems using Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) and Metaheuristics. To use this toolbox, you just need to define your optimization problem and then, give the problem to one of the algorithms provided by YPEA, to get it solved. List of Provided Algorithms Currently, YPEA supports these algorithms to solve ...

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Bees Algorithm (BeA) in MATLAB

Bees Algorithm (BeA) is a metaheuristic optimization algorithm, inspired by food foraging behavior of honey bee colonies, and proposed by Pham et al., in 2005. In this algorithm, the mechanism of Waggle Dance is used to simulate the communication between bees. Better bees (solutions) have more opportunity to do waggle dance, and hence they are capable of attract more bees ...

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