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Practical Genetic Algorithms in Python and MATLAB – Video Tutorial

Practical Genetic Algorithms in Python and MATLAB - Video Tutorial

What are Genetic Algorithms? Genetic algorithms (GAs) are like nature-inspired computer programs that help find the best solutions to problems. They work by creating lots of possible solutions, like mixing and matching traits, just as animals do. Then, they pick the best ones and repeat the process, making each new generation even better. It’s like evolution in your computer, finding ...

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Feature Selection using Metaheuristics and EAs

Feature selection is one of common preprocessing tasks, which is performed to reduce the number of inputs of intelligent algorithms and models. This helps us to simplify the models, reduce the computation cost of model training, and enhance the generalization abilities of the model and prevention of over-training. For more information on feature selection concepts and methods, you can refer ...

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Binary and Real-Coded Genetic Algorithms in MATLAB

Genetic Algorithms (GAs) are most famous Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) which are inspired from natural evolution and selection. Their main application is in the field of optimization. Hence they are applicable to any kind of problem, which can be converted or stated as an optimization task. To read more about Genetic Algorithms, you can see the related article in Wikipedia (here). ...

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