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Numerical Computations in MATLAB — Video Tutorial

Numerical Computations

In this video tutorial, “Numerical Computations in MATLAB” has been reviewed. In fact, the built-in capabilities of MATLAB are used to perform numerical computations, which are very useful in enormous fields of applied science and engineering, including: Root finding and equation solving Solving system of equations Eigenvalues, eigenvectors and eigendecomposition Singular Value Decomposition Interpolation, curve fitting and surface modeling Numerical ...

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Interpolation in MATLAB — Video Tutorial

Numerical Computations in MATLAB: Interpolation

In this video tutorial, “Interpolation” has been reviewed and implemented using MATLAB. Watch Online Five sections of this video tutorial are available on YouTube and they are embedded into this page as playlist. Video Files Section 1: Polynomial Fitting using polyfit (YouTube) Section 2: Interpolation Using interp1 to interpn (YouTube) Section 3: Interpolation Using interpft (YouTube) Section 4: Interpolation using ...

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