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Numerical Computations

Numerical Computations in MATLAB — Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial, “Numerical Computations in MATLAB” has been reviewed. In fact, the built-in capabilities of MATLAB are used to perform numerical computations, which are very useful in enormous fields of applied science and engineering, including:

  • Root finding and equation solving
  • Solving system of equations
  • Eigenvalues, eigenvectors and eigendecomposition
  • Singular Value Decomposition
  • Interpolation, curve fitting and surface modeling
  • Numerical integration and differentiation
  • Working with polynomials
  • Solving Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs)
  • Solving Boundary Value Problems (BVPs)
  • Solving Delayed Differential Equations (DDEs)
  • Linear Programming (LP)
  • Mixed-Integer Linear Programming (MILP)
  • Quadratic Programming (QP)
  • Constrained and unconstrained nonlinear optimization

The video tutorial is available to watch online, via Yarpiz YouTube Channel. The instructor of this course is Dr. Mostapha Kalami Heris, PhD of Control and Systems Engineering.

After completing this tutorial, you will Learn:

  • Root Finding and Numerical Equation Solving in MATLAB
  • Linear Algebra, Eigendecomposition and SVD in MATLAB
  • How to Curve Fitting and Interpolation in 1D, 2D and 3D Spaces using MATLAB
  • Numerical Integration and Differentiation in MATLAB
  • How to Work with Polynomials in MATLAB
  • How to Solve Ordinary Differential Equations in MATLAB
  • How to Solve Boundary Value Problems in MATLAB
  • How to Solve Delayed Differential Equations in MATLAB
  • Linear Programming and Mixed-Integer LP in MATLAB
  • Quadratic Programming in MATLAB
  • Constrained and Unconstrained Nonlinear Optimization in MATLAB

Who this course is for:

  • Applied Math and Science Students
  • Engineering Students
  • Everyone interested in numerical methods and computation


  • Basic Math and Calculus
  • Numerical Methods
  • MATLAB Programming

Watch Online

22 sections of this video tutorial are available on YouTube and they are embedded into this page as playlist.

Video Files

Section 1: Finding roots of polynomials using roots YouTube)

Section 2: Finding roots of nonlinear functions using fzero (ِYouTube)

Section 3: Solving system of nonlinear equations using fsolve YouTube)

Section 4: Solving system of linear equations using linsolve YouTube)

Section 5: Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors YouTube)

Section 6: Singular Value Decomposition (ِYouTube)

Section 7: Polynomial Fitting using polyfit (YouTube)

Section 8: Interpolation Using interp1 to interpn (YouTube)

Section 9: Interpolation Using interpft (YouTube)

Section 10: Interpolation using Cubic Splines (YouTube)

Section 11: Interpolation Using griddata in 2D and 3D Spaces (YouTube)

Section 12: Numerical Integration using integral and quadgk (YouTube)

Section 13: Double and triple integrals (YouTube)

Section 14: Discrete integrals and summations (YouTube)

Section 15: Numerical Differentiation (YouTube)

Section 16: Working with Polynomials (YouTube)

Section 17: Solving Ordinary Differential Equations (YouTube)

Section 18: Solving Boundary Value Problems (YouTube)

Section 19: Solving Delayed Differential Equations (YouTube)

Section 20: Linear Programming and Mixed-Integer LP (YouTube)

Section 21: Quadratic Programming (YouTube)

Section 22: Constrained and Unconstrained Nonlinear Optimization (YouTube)


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