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YPEA: Yarpiz Evolutionary Algorithms

YPEA for MATLAB [+] is a general-purpose toolbox to define and solve optimization problems using Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) and Metaheuristics. To use this toolbox, you just need to define your optimization problem and then, give the problem to one of the algorithms provided by YPEA, to get it solved. List of Provided Algorithms Currently, YPEA supports these algorithms to solve ...

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Harmony Search in MATLAB

Harmony Search (HS) is a global optimization algorithm which inspired by harmony improvisation process of musicians, proposed by Zong Woo Geem in 2001. Every solution in this algorithm is called a Harmony and there is an archive of promising solutions, called Harmony Memory (HM). For more information on Harmony Search, you can read the related article in Wikipedia (here). At ...

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