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Numerical Computations in MATLAB — Video Tutorial

Numerical Computations

In this video tutorial, “Numerical Computations in MATLAB” has been reviewed. In fact, the built-in capabilities of MATLAB are used to perform numerical computations, which are very useful in enormous fields of applied science and engineering, including: Root finding and equation solving Solving system of equations Eigenvalues, eigenvectors and eigendecomposition Singular Value Decomposition Interpolation, curve fitting and surface modeling Numerical ...

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Optimization in MATLAB — Video Tutorial

Numerical Computations in MATLAB: Optimization

In this video tutorial, “Optimization” has been reviewed and implemented using MATLAB. For watching full course of Numerical Computations, visit this page. Watch Online Three sections of this video tutorial are available on YouTube and they are embedded into this page as playlist. Video Files Section 1: Linear Programming and Mixed-Integer LP (YouTube) Section 2: Quadratic Programming (YouTube) Section 3: ...

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Linear Programming in MATLAB — Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial, the general structure of a Linear Programming (LP) model is reviewed and the general matrix form of LP problems, used by MATLAB, discussed. Then, using linprog function of MATLAB, which is used to deal with linear programming problems, some examples are solved. One of the well-known problems formulated as LP model is the Transportation Problem, which ...

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Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) in MATLAB

Downloads The download link of this project follows. Implementation of Data Envelopment Anaysis (DEA), including CCR, input-oriented BCC, output-oriented BCC and Additive models, in MATLAB Download Citing This Work If you wish, you can cite this content as follows. Cite as: Mostapha Kalami Heris, Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) in MATLAB (URL: https://yarpiz.com/399/ypap114-data-envelopment-analysis), Yarpiz, 2015.

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